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Thank You!

Dear Friends,

While I hoped to not write this note, I am grateful for the opportunity. I did not advance in my pursuit to represent District 9 on Boston City Council, but I have gained greater community, exceptional skills, and unforgettable experiences. I genuinely appreciate and thank all those who supported, volunteered, donated, and prayed.

We intended to make change, and we did.

Our #BetterTogetherD9 campaign was about leveraging our togetherness to create equitable access to information, quality education, housing and transportation, and life opportunity. I am extremely proud that over the last six months, we, together, have provided essential information to thousands of Boston residents, we have publicly advocated for those underrepresented and overlooked, and we have mobilized a community who believes we are truly better together.

When I first decided to run in our community which has never elected a person of color, I knew that the odds were stacked against me as a young black gay man from Texas and Louisiana. But I had, as I still do, great faith in the great force of change sweeping our nation; calling for more fresh, respectful, responsible, and inclusive leadership.

While the voting community of Allston-Brighton was not ready for my leadership, I will continue following my calling to combat injustice and empower everyone around me. In this moment, we must keep particular things at the forefront: 1) the Boston City Council does not have a man of color nor a person who openly identifies as LGBTQ, 2) the city’s racial and wealth disparities are unacceptable and our most vulnerable populations are disproportionately lacking exposure, resources, access, and opportunity, and 3) change cannot wait. We have much work to do!

Derrick and I appreciate your support, love, and thoughts. We look forward to continuing working with you to advance equity, empowerment, and positivity throughout Boston and beyond.

Thank you & Much love,

Jonathan L. Allen

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I am Jonathan Allen, and I am running to serve and represent the neighborhoods of Allston and Brighton as your District 9 Boston City Councilor. I look forward to our journey together strengthening a community full of great possibilities.

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Dear District 9 & Greater Boston,

The neighborhoods of Allston and Brighton are two of the most youthful, diverse, and educated communities in Boston, and my partner and I are grateful to call District 9 home.

I am eager to serve each of you as District 9 Boston City Councilor to reflect the people and values of our wonderful community. I have had the honor of living and growing in these neighborhoods since...[Read More]

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