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District 9

Neighborhoods of Allston and Brighton

Dear Friends,

The neighborhoods of Allston and Brighton are two of the most youthful, diverse, and educated communities in Boston, and my partner and I are grateful to call District 9 home.

I am eager to serve each of you as District 9 Boston City Councilor to reflect the people and values of our wonderful community. I have had the honor of living and growing in these neighborhoods since moving here for law school at Boston University School of Law. I immediately noticed the many cultures, age groups, restaurants, schools, small businesses, parks and rivers, and, of course, the Green Line. Community was not difficult to foster in Allston-Brighton… [Read More]

My Priorities


Information Injustice

Many issues in our community exist due to a lack of information sharing, which keeps residents disconnected from vital resources and opportunities. I will make information more accessible to enhance residents’ awareness and civic/social engagement. Addressing Information Injustice is a primary focus because a more informed community is a more empowered community. My goal is to improve constituents’ quality-of-life through city services and information that provides neighborhood resources and opportunities to be involved in the community.  This is why we’ve created the #BetterTogetherD9 COMMUNITY CARD, which features information about the City Council, voter registration, community resources, things to do, and even local deals!


Affordable Housing & home ownership

According to the Allston Brighton Community Development Corporation, rent has increased, on average, 32% over the past few years. Home ownership in Allston (10%) and Brighton (22.5%) is below city average (36%). I will advocate for housing that is affordable and conducive for all people wishing to call our community home.

  • I will demand more oversight and allocations from the Community Preservation Fund to support affordable housing by nonprofit community development corporations.

  • I will push for owner occupancy deed restrictions on new developments.

  • I will work to expand the City’s Inclusionary Development Policy requiring 13% affordable units to 20% (minimum).

  • I will advocate to make more of the current housing stock available by developing more university-owned student housing.

  • I will support mixed use and energy efficient development projects that accommodate more families, artists/creatives, and moderate to middle income residents.

  • I will advocate that income levels be calculated based on Allston-Brighton residents and not include neighboring zones, to help stabilize rent levels and make affordable housing calculations more realistic to District 9.


Education and Advancement

As a co-founder of a non-profit that empowers underrepresented students, I understand that our community thrives when we nurture our children with quality education and trade skills. I will advocate for exposure to trades and equitable resources for our students, parents, teachers, and administrators.

  • I will push for greater funding through State Legislative lobbying that equitably supports teachers, and low-income, SPED and ELL students.

  • I will urge Payment In Lieu of Tax (PILOT)-eligible Institutions (especially academic and medical) to eagerly comply with the PILOT Program

  • I will advocate for more PILOT funds from educational institutions be given to support our public schools.

  • I will work with our schools to enhance enrollment through brand development. Note: We will also attack under-enrollment by working to create more affordable family housing.

  • I will work to empower our youth through greater collaborations between community organizations and businesses providing jobs/internships and scholarships to students.

  • I will advocate for each public school in District 9 to have a nurse on staff.


Transportation and Climate

Transportation—whether public transportation, cars, bikes, or walking—is an essential part of life. I am committed to enhancing our transportation methods to ensure safe, affordable, accessible, and reliable services. Riding the MBTA should not be an inadequate or frustrating alternative to driving or biking. Therefore, improving riders’ customer-centered experience is a priority.

As we contemplate the necessary steps toward combating the threat of climate change, we must accept our contribution to this threat and take responsibility by significantly reducing our carbon emissions and preserving/expanding green space. Likewise, preserving water and land. The City of Boston's Climate Action Plan affirms that a necessary response to global warming is a reduction in carbon emissions from vehicles and recycling. In our community public transportation is the dominant mode of transit, however, a growing number of residents are now biking and traveling by foot. This is a good thing, but can be dangerous without proper infrastructure.

  • I will push for more protected bike lanes.

  • I will advocate for better designed designated bus lanes (potentially active between certain times) to enhance traffic flow and bus service timeliness.

  • I will channel riders’ concerns with relentless effort to ensure quality (customer) service, including greater frequency on lines with inadequate schedules to meet supply/demand (i.e., 57, 64, 86).

  • I support bifurcated MBTA fares charging riders by distance traveled, but not to exceed current maximum rates.

  • I support the improvement of our trains to electric (rapid transit).