Dear Friends,

The neighborhoods of Allston and Brighton are two of the most youthful, diverse, and educated communities in Boston, and my partner and I are grateful to call District 9 home.

I am eager to serve each of you as District 9 Boston City Councilor to reflect the people and values of our wonderful community. I have had the honor of living and growing in these neighborhoods since moving here for law school at Boston University School of Law. I immediately noticed the many cultures, age groups, restaurants, schools, small businesses, parks and rivers, and, of course, the Green Line.

Community was not difficult to foster in Allston-Brighton. I found community on public transportation through conversations with veteran bus drivers about their lives and the changes throughout Allston-Brighton history.  I found community at the Oak Square YMCA where I am blessed to engage with families and children practicing active and healthy lifestyle choices. I found community with a variety of small business and restaurant owners who provide our neighborhoods with essential resources and economic growth. I found community in neighbors like Ms. Genny who is over 80 years old, yet she delivers free grocery items throughout our apartment building every Tuesday evening, often giving families meals they depend upon.  I found community with my colleagues and professors at Boston University, Boston College, and Harvard University, many of whom live in Allston-Brighton. I even found community with our nature while kayaking on the Charles River. The community has embraced and influenced me in so many ways that continually remind me that we are Better Together!

Our community – filled with so many hard working and honest people trying to live their best lives deserves a representative who will put People Over Politics.  

I have dedicated my life to serving others while having the privilege to study and practice business, theology, and law.  I possess the leadership capacity to listen to your concerns and learn from your experiences. I will build relationships across industries and throughout Boston communities to expand community and youth engagement, increase affordable housing and access to educational opportunities, drive innovation and small business development, enhance public transportation, and ensure safety in our schools, neighborhoods, and sacred/religious spaces.  

I commit to being a responsible, respectful, and inclusive voice for District 9.  Together, we will continue ensuring that our community is one that is welcoming and safe for all people to live and thrive in. The possibilities for District 9 are limitless, and I hope to gain your support and vote for the Primary Election on Tuesday, September 24, 2019!  Let's show the City of Boston we are truly Better Together!

With hope,

Jonathan LaMar Allen